Getting Started with Tree Planting

Trees are one of the most crucial living beings on the planet. They provide oxygen and boost our air quality. They also offer food and shelter for wildlife and fight pollution and erosion. These are simply a couple of benefits of trees. That’s why it’s vital that we plant more of them.  

However, before you can experience the benefits of a tree, you have to plant it properly. Most of the time, trees die due to stress because it wasn’t properly planted.  

If you had hired a tree removal Charlotte NC company to remove a tree, you have to replace it. So, if you want to plant a tree on your own, here are several tips that can help you: 

Bare-Rooted Trees 

If you choose this type of tree, you have to plant it as soon as possible since there’s no soil that surrounds its roots. Check the roots to guarantee they’re moist when buying. Also, you have to ensure they’ve got a lot of fine and long root hairs. Keep the roots as wet as possible until you’re able to plant. Trim damaged or broken roots. However, you have to be wary not to damage the entire root system. Create a cone of earth in the hole’s center to plant the tree. Spread out the roots over the cone.   

Burlapped Root Balls 

While it is best to plant this type of tree as soon as you can, you can still store them for a brief period after buying it. However, you have to store it in a shaded and wet environment. Do not lift the trunk. Instead, lift the tree by the ball. Cut the string or twine and get rid of the burlap if you are ready to plant it. Surround the ball with soil slightly lower to enable for some settling. Also, you can surround the soil to the height of the ball. You shouldn’t compress the soil. 

Container Trees 

After purchase, you can store for a brief period container trees. However, you have to keep the soil wet and place it in a shady area. Get rid of the container properly when you plant. Then, after removing the container, pull apart the roots. This is extremely vital to guarantee the roots expand beyond the container’s dimensions. Place back the original soil into the hole after you place the tree in the hole. Use your hands to gently compress the soil. 

Dig a Hole 

Before you buy a tree, make sure you prepare the hole. It shouldn’t be deeper than the roots’ height. Also, it should be around 2 to 3 times as wide the diameter. This is extremely vital since a hole too deep will not enable the roots access to enough oxygen. If the hole is too narrow, it will prevent the roots from properly expanding. This is needed for the tree to get nourishment and anchor itself. Once the hole is there, make sure you plant the tree in the direction that you want, either facing you or away from your property.  

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